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Single Sign-on

Simplify access to multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security by adding extra layers of verification beyond passwords.

Identity Hub
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Registration SettingsManage your onboard settings for visitors
Authentication SettingsManage authentication settings for visitors
ID Verification SettingsManage verification settings for identities
Account Recovery SettingsManage settings for off-loading identities
Access Governance & Control

Efficiently manage user access for a safer workplace environment.

Identity Verification & Management

Ensure legitimacy by verifying and effectively managing user identities.

Registration Settings
Use Email as UsernameWhen enabled, users can use their email as usernames
Sign in after RegistrationWhen enabled, users are signed in after registration
Configure Terms and Conditions
Consent Management

Shape your data sharing practices by managing permissions.

Decoding Digital Identities WIAM, PIAM, and CIAM

Workforce IAM

Interns Employees Contractors

Workforce IAM (Identity and Access Management) simplifies the process of securely accessing company data through Single Sign-On (SSO). It also equips you with essential tools to access only what is necessary for your daily tasks while engaging with colleagues, teams, and departments using Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Customer IAM


B2B Customers

Customer IAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) empowers a secure customer experience (CX) for your clients on your digital platforms and applications. It ensures the protection of your customers' data. By seamlessly integrating with Know Your Customer (KYC) providers, we guarantee that your digital identities are thoroughly verified to meet regulatory compliance.

Partner IAM




Partner IAM (Identity and Access Management), built on top of the principles of WIAM and CIAM, enables secure collaboration between organizations while ensuring traceability and integration capabilities. It allows external entities to contribute and exchange data while ensuring the protection of this sensitive information.

Integrate with Your Favorite OpenID Providers

Quickly enable authentication services from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, AWS, and other identity providers. Our unified API allows seamless and cost-effective integration of popular identity providers with custom solutions.