Our Accessibility Statement

We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone can use our services efficiently:

Mobile First Philosophy

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Usability Heuristics

Cross-Platform Testing

Mobile First

At Simptel, we design our interfaces with a mobile first philosophy to ensure the best performance acrossdifferent devices. We believe that if our interfaces work seamlessly on mobile, they will also work well on larger screens. To achieve this, we prioritize intuitive navigation and consistency across browsers by subjecting Simptel to rigorous testing on popular ones like Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge Chromium. This ensures that everyone gets an optimal experience on any platform.

Continuous Improvement

At Simptel inclusivity is our priority. Our team strives to ensure that our platform and services are accessible to everyone. We are constantly working on adding more options and features to enhance everyone's experience, enhancing our Software Development Lifecycle process. To achieve this, we adhere to the WCAG guidelines, which have three levels: A, AA, and AAA. We test our platform on every release using automated tools like axe-core , as well as experienced individuals who perform manual checks on everything.