Welcome to our sustainabilty Statement

At Simptel, we are dedicated to taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet. We combine innovative technology with sustainable telecom and communication service practices.

For instance, our Dutch office operates solely on solar power, just like the data centres we partner with. We also continually review our practices to ensure that we eliminate any environmentally harmful technologies and strategies.

When architecting our platform, we eliminated environmentally unfriendly technologies and strategies. Our cloud-native approach ensures scalability, flexibility, and elasticity. We've incorporated serverless components to minimize resource wastage. Daily, we actively work to reduce the volume of stored data in our data lakes and refine and enhance code quality.

Our commitment to delivering high-performance solutions is reinforced by combining server-side computing techniques with optimized content delivery and caching strategies. This helps us actively reduce data transmission's ecological impact and systematically reduce user device load.

At Simptel, sustainability and high-performance go hand in hand. We consistently benchmark our efforts through tools like Websitecarbon.com and strive for transparency and accountability.